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How to Make and Find the CD Jacket Template

CD jacket template is definitely needed when you want to keep your CD collections neat and tidy. The jacket is like the outer casing of the CD. It is often made out of thicker paper and mostly it has the same design as the cover of the CD. Learn more about CD jacket, or frequently well-known as CD sleeve, in the information below.

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What Is a CD Jacket?

A CD jacket is like an outer wrapper of the CD. For simpler explanation, the jacket or also the sleeve is like the envelope used to wrap the CD and its casing around. When you buy a good quality CD, surely they will come with the jacket. It is another way to provide a peek to the content of the disc without having to reveal the CD cover.

What Is CD Jacket Template?

The template is a pre-made design that can get easily customized according to the likings. For CD jackets, the template has the shape of the envelope-like design and it is ready to use. After getting the template, you just have to add pictures or anything that you like to the design.

cd jacket template in photoshop

How Do You Make a CD Jacket?

To make the CD jacket, you should be able decide whether you need to use template or not. It is very suggestible to use template. After the template is downloaded, you just have to open them up on your computer and then edit them by adding text, picture, information and whatever you need to add. After that, print the jacket, cut and then fold.

cd jacket template psd template free

What Size is a CD Jacket?

The size of a standard CD jacket or CD sleeve should not be too far from the CD case itself. The width of the CD jacket is around 5 inches and its height is around 4.8 inches. The width should be slightly bigger in size, so the CD case can slide right through the sleeve or the jacket easily without ripping the corners. Make sure you get the CD jacket template with this particular size.

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What Types of Paper are used for CD Jacket?

The type of paper used for CD jacket is usually the thicker type of paper. Several options that are available should include:

  • Card stock
  • Pasteboard
  • Vinyl paper
  • Art paper
  • Light cardboard
  • Thick copy paper

Can I Print My Own CD Jacket?

Yes, you can. Printing your own CD jacket is very possible. Standard home printer with A4 load paper is capable to print the jacket. Even when you have to do that in pieces, you can still make the whole thing works. All you need to do is combining the parts at the end.

cd jacket template template free psd

When you have decided to create the sleeve or the jacket for CDs on your own, do not forget to always use the high quality material, including for the paper and printer. As the outer layer of the CD package, it will be such a shame if the design gradually fades away due to low quality paper and ink in the printer. Download the CD jacket template, edit and print them properly.

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Printable CD Jacket Template Sample

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