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CD jewel case template is mostly sought by those who love designing or making their own CD collection. All you need to do when you have CDs scattered all over the place is getting the jewel cases and keep those CDs inside. Find out more about the cases on the information provided below. It should help you find some templates, too.

cd jewel case template in photoshop free download

What is a CD Jewel Case?

CD jewel case is the plastic container people use to keep CD inside. The casing is called “jewel’’ because sometimes it translucent and sparkling, just like jewelry. The CD case is mostly or most definitely will come along with the CD. It is used as the place to keep the CD intact and safe. This is the reason why people are treating the case like a big deal. You have to get the casing along with the CD.

Should I Keep CD Jewel Cases?

Yes, CD jewel cases protect the CD inside from the risk of getting scratches or even broken. When the CD is not in its prime condition, it won’t play well. This is the reason why you should really get the jewel cases and keep the CD there. If you want, you can always use the CD jewel case template to decorate the casing and making them more eye-catching.

cd jewel case template free psd template

What Do You Do with Empty CD Jewel Cases?

If you do not have the CD inside the jewel case anymore, do not worry because the CD case can be used for many other purposes. The most common one is when people are turning the old CD cases into small photo frames. The cases can also be arranged and stick to the wall forming a beautiful collage. Surely it is a low cost DIY wall décor that you should try.

cd jewel case template in psd design

What Is the Size of a CD Jewel Case?

The standard size of the CD jewel case is around 4.724 inches square. The cover, back cover, and other part of the CD (unless the actual disc) should be around that size, too. Before getting anything, make sure you have measured the size of the jewel case first. If it is smaller, adjust the size of the design before printing them.

What are CD Jewel Cases Made of?

The CD case or jewel case is made out plastic. However, it is not the kind of plastic that you use for typical household item. The plastic used for making the jewel case is called polystyrene. It has the ability to be glass-like and quite sturdy. It won’t break apart very easily and hence it is safe to say that the material can protect the CD inside quite nicely.

cd jewel case template in photoshop

Of course the actual CD case or jewel case should be store bought. It is impossible to make the whole thing on your own, unless you have a very advanced 3D printer at home. The templates available out there are just for the cover part or the back part of the casing. Use them for free as none of the CD jewel case template is forcing anyone to pay money before getting them.

cd jewel case template psd template free

Printable CD Jewel Case Template Sample

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