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Free CD Label Template as the Easy Ways to Decorate Your Disc

CD label template should be something really important to own when your daily activity involved CD making. The label is the design on the round disc itself. It helps to identify the content of the CD along with giving a hint of which side of the disc goes to the player. The full information about the CD should be found below along with the templates.

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Does Microsoft Word Have a CD Label Template?

It is not exactly. Microsoft Word does not have any particular template for CD label. However, some programs or software on the computer that can be used to burn CD sometimes has free editing tool for the CD label, too. If you need to use Microsoft Word and nothing else, pick a template with doc format. It indicates that it is a Microsoft Word-based template.

How Do I Create a CD Label Template in Word?

To start making CD label in Microsoft Word, you can start with CD label template. However, if you have not found one, simply draw a circle on a blank Word page. The circle shape can be found on the ‘’insert’’ tab under the ‘’shape’’ collections. The size of the circle should be around 4.65 inches. Make a 1-2 inch hole in the middle of the circle.

cd label template in photoshop

How Do I Make My Own CD Labels?

You can make your own CD label by downloading a template. Then, open the template in Photoshop or anything else you can use to edit a graphic template. Then, add in the design. It can be either pictures or text or whatever you like on it. Then, prepare a sticker paper or any type of paper with adhesive on the back. The next thing to do is basically printing, cutting and sticking the label on the CD.

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How Do I Download a Label Template?

The most important thing before downloading any template is to make sure it has two features:  free and editable. Then, find the download button and then click them. The download should start immediately. If the download is delayed and you are asked to input credit card information or something like that, ditch the download and find other templates instead.

How Do I Put Artwork on a CD Label?

To put your artwork on a CD label, follow the steps below:

  • Scan your artwork, so it can be opened on the computer
  • Download the template for CD label
  • Open the template on Photoshop
  • Open your artwork in Photoshop
  • Drag the artwork into the template to fill the entire label
  • Add texts if necessary

cd label template template for photoshop

It is certainly true that CD label is an important part of the whole package. You should be able to make them on your own. For this reason, all you need to do is using the templates. The templates have the circle shape already with the hole in the middle, so you won’t have to design them right from the start. Pick the best CD label template and start creating your own label.

cd label template psd template free cd label template template free psd

Printable CD Label Template Sample

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