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To Use CD Sleeve Template to Create a Simple CD Sleeve

Just like people need sleeve for their shirt, a CD sleeve is used so that the CD can be protected from scratch or any damage for it. Making it is not difficult at all – you can make it even with your day-to-day cardstock paper, or another thick yet foldable paper. As for the shape and size, don’t worry, a CD sleeve template will help you.

cd sleeve template free psd template

How Do I Make CD Sleeve?

Creating CD sleeves is not difficult at all, and you can even make it without any digital magic to assist. Just prepare some thick paper to begin with, ruler, and a pen. Have an example of unglued CD sleeve, and you can draw the sleeve plan according to that sample. It’s that easy.

However, many people love to make it with the help of computer program. It’s somehow more accurate and the result is neat. Once they’ve built the outline on a program, the next is to print it on a thick paper. Cut, glue the fold, and that’s it – a CD sleeve is made.

Another trick that should do is to use a CD sleeve template. With this template, you can cut the process of designing, making it even faster to make your sleeve. The rest is just similar – print it and cut according to the outline.

What are the Types of CD Sleeve?

The most common type of CD sleeve looks like an envelope specialized for CDs. However, people have more designs for it. There are CD sleeve which is formed like a pizza box (so that it’s a 3D form with a height). Or something that looks like a file folder – so when people open the sleeve, part of the CD is shown.

cd sleeve template psd template free

What Size is a CD Sleeve?

The size of a CD sleeve is definitely similar to the CD itself. This is because a typical CD sleeve only contains one CD per sleeve. If we base the size on the CD itself, the dimension will be 5” x 4⅞”. The flap, if needed, can be made with 1.5” width. Of course this size is not fixed – feel free to customize the size as per your need.

cd sleeve template template free psd

What is the Paper to Print CD Sleeve?

If you plan to print the CD sleeve yourself, it is important to note that the paper you can use must be foldable and easy to cut. It should be thick as well as the sleeve is made to protect the CD from scratches, dust, or tear; which may damage the content of the CD itself.

Most of the times, people use cardstock paper to print the sleeve. They put the cover design on the sleeve, print it and cut it afterwards.

How to Make CD Sleeves with Template?

To make a CD sleeve from its template, all you need is to download the template first. It is important to have the compatible app to edit the template especially if you plan to put a personalized cover on the sleeve.

After you edit the template, review your work and then save the file. Prepare a paper to print the sleeve design, and don’t forget to cut the sleeve afterwards. Gluing the sleeve should come next and will become the last procedure to make a CD sleeve.

Well, that is how you can benefit from CD sleeve template. With this template, expect to directly put a design and print your CD sleeve, so your CD can be protected from any damages.

cd sleeve template example psd design

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