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The Best Downloadable Celebration of Life Program Template

Celebration of life program template should be downloaded by those planning a funeral. In an occasion such as funeral, the celebration of life is something you should do. Instead of being sad of someone’s passing, people can respect them by remembering the decease’s life. Several templates for the programs are available and they are downloadable for free.

celebration of life program template free psd template

What Is Celebration of Life Program Template?

The program template is usually the pre-made document to make the mini booklet. You can choose to have the program in two folds, three folds or any types that you want. After that, you just have to edit the templates and print them directly.

How Do You Write A Celebration of Life?

You can write the program by using template. If there is no template available, you can create the program from blank new document in Microsoft Word. Simply write the program and decorate the surrounding with frames. The frame is available in the “insert’’ tab.

celebration of life program template psd template free

How Do You Make A Memorial Program?

You can make the memorial program by downloading celebration of life program template first. In the templates, there are already parts of the program that you should fill in. They are including the name of the deceased, the time of the celebration of life occasion and many more. You should fill them up before printing them and assemble them.

celebration of life program template template free psd

How Long Should A Celebration of Life Last?

Normally, the celebration of life occasion is going to last for 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It is heavily depending on who the individual was. If the deceased was someone famous, probably the ceremony will take longer time as a lot of people are going to be there and the list of people giving speech are longer, too. However, it should not last more than 2 hours, though.

How Can I Make A Funeral Program for Free?

Funeral program is supposed to be free in the age of internet like this. You have downloaded the celebration of life template first. After that, you need to edit them and print them. It will cost you nothing, on the design, and you just have to pay something on the printing stage, just in case you do not have printers at home.

What Goes on at a Celebration of Life?

In an occasion like celebration of life, usually it will be filled with:

  • Introduction or prayer by pastors/ master of ceremony
  • Speeches (from the closest relatives of the deceased)
  • Memory sharing (by photo slideshows/ videos etc.)
  • Butterfly/ dove release as symbol of letting go

Instead of having to hire someone else to make the program, you can surely make one on your own. All you need to do is using the template. The templates are available and downloadable, so you can just picking one that you like the most and use them to create the best program. This is the reason why you should get the celebration of life program template way before the funeral.

celebration of life program template free download psd celebration of life program template example psd design



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