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How to Create Employment Certificate with a Certificate of Employment Template

An employment certificate is one of the requirements that may need to be prepared when applying for a job. The majority of employers use this certificate in order to review a job seeker’s professional background. If you happen to be an employer, you may often be asked to write this certificate. A certificate of employment template will surely come in handy as it will guide you on how to compose the document.

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What is a Certificate of Employment?

A certificate of employment is a document that is written by your current or former boss that usually contains all the information regarding your professional experiences in your previous job. Some of the certificates may appear like a certificate of honor, whereas others may just look like a plain memo.certificate of employment template word template free

Why Do You Need a Certificate of Employment?

Applying for a job is the most common reason why you have to prepare an employment certificate. Your prospective boss will use it to evaluate the job qualifications of yours since this document contains all your previous job experience.

Apart from being one of the job requirements, this document can also be used for certain financial applications, such as credit and loans. If you plan to travel overseas, you can use this certificate as well as it will convince the authorities that you can travel out of the country.

What Should Be Included in a Certificate of Employment?

These are the key elements that include in a certificate of employment template:

  • A description of the applicant’s position in the company and all the relevant job deks that they have ever held. All these descriptions must be written in detail.
  • The date when the applicant started their job as well as their last working day in your company.
  • An actual evaluation of the applicant’s behavior and their performance while working in your company without trying to derogate the candidate.

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How Do I Write a Certificate of Employment Letter?

  • If your employee has told you whom to address the document to, then write it as such. But you can also write “To whom it may concern.” Using “dear madam or sir” is also acceptable. In the first sentence, briefly describe who you are and the purpose of the document.
  • Provide relevant details to the recipient. These include the job title of the applicant, your name as their supervisor, the contact details of your company, the dates when the candidate worked in your company, and their contact details.
  • Include as much detail as possible regarding the candidate so that the recipient will only need to review the provided information. Provide an actual evaluation of the applicant’s performance, such as their capability to complete the tasks, customer satisfaction, etc.

What are the Tips for Creating a Certificate of Employment?

All the given information, such as the name, position, and the job desks of the candidate must be relevant. The start date and the last day the applicant works should also be mentioned. In addition to that, there should be a letterhead of your company in the document.

When you use a certificate of employment template, make sure you don’t include any unfavorable terms in the document and don’t write anything about salary if your employee doesn’t ask for it.

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