10+ Printable Certificate of Excellence Template

Certificate of Excellence Template to Give the Best Award for the Best Effort

Certificate of excellence is a sheet that shows an award or appreciation. It can be addressed to individuals or institutions that have done a very good job. This kind of award is considered necessary to encourage a subject to have an improvement in quality and competitiveness. Since it is an award, the certificate must be made with a good template. The following is information about the certificate of excellence template.

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How Do I Create My Own Certificate of Excellence?

What distinguishes a certificate of excellence from others is its content, but it has the same design. Therefore, the way to make the design is the same as certificate in general.

You can use a professional editing application. All you need is software on your computer. Then, create the design by adding image objects using the existing features. After that, you can add any words that need to be included.

How Do You Make a Certificate in Microsoft Word?

A certificate of excellence template can also be made in Ms. Word. Here are the steps.

  • Determine the design. Make it using the insert object feature. Draw a picture on blank paper first then, move it to Ms. Word. However, if you want to use a simpler way, just download the ready-made design.
  • Group the objects to maintain the design creations. By grouping, the object will not move anywhere, so it will make your job easier for the next process.
  • Blocking all objects used then right click the mouse and select group.
  • Organize the templates by adding the text based on what is needed in a certificate.
  • Do the convert. It can be converted to JPG or PDF by clicking the save button and choose the format.

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How Do I Get Custom Template for Certificate of Excellence?

A custom template for certificate of excellence can be obtained easily. Currently, there are many websites that provide the design features. You can just look for it in the search engine.

certificate of excellence template template free word

Another way is by downloading the template, and then modifies it. After download it, import the template into your editing application. After that, modify it uniquely according to your characteristics.

What Is the Size of Certificate of Excellence?

There are no patent sizes governing the creation of it. Usually, it is the size of A4 or F4 paper. For the A4 size, it is 21 cm wide and 29.7 cm long. As for the size F4, the width is 21 cm, and the length is 33 cm. However, there is also a certificate of excellence that’s smaller than those sizes.

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What Are Written in Certificate of Appreciation?

What usually written in the certificate of excellence are:

  • “This certificate is proudly present to”
  • The name of person or institution
  • Award category
  • Name of the leader who gave the award

That’s all the information about certificate of excellence template. Use the best to trigger competitiveness and quality. This certificate is something that’s very proud of, so its success in encouraging better quality cannot be doubted.

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Printable Certificate of Excellence Template Sample

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