5+ Printable Certificate of Ordination Template

Certificate of Ordination Template as Essential Credential Document

For your information, a certificate of ordination is a credential document that is valid for a certain period of time. It is a proof that it will be recognized throughout the country. This certificate is important, and has a relationship with certain laws. That is why in making it, you have to use the proper template. The following is about the certificate of ordination template as well as the basic information related to it.

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How Do I Get a Certificate of Ordination Template?

There are many easy ways to get a certificate of ordination template. One of them is through the online media. Currently, there are many ready-made templates for certificate of ordination in the websites. They are free to download and use. In this case, you only need to download then adjust the contents.

As alternative, you can also find the references first, and then create the template by your own. Just use many examples as your references and inspiration. Then, modify the design it to make it more unique.

How Do I Create a Certificate Template?


  • The first thing to do is to open the Photoshop.
  • Then adjust the canvas size. The certificate usually measures 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Next is to create an aesthetic graphic design. Create as creative designs as possible by using the Photoshop features. One thing to note is not to make the design and texts in balance combination and scale.
  • Now, you can add the required texts. Just use the text insert feature. In this step, use the proper fonts that simple and readable. A good certificate mush have the unique fonts yet easy to read.

certificate of ordination template template free word

How Do I Create Certificate Templates in Word?

First, go to the Ms. Word and then select a blank document. Then set the layout. It depends on your need, whether to use the portrait or landscape format. You are also free to choose A4 or F4 paper.

Second, create an image by using the features. Usually, the insert object feature is very useful in this case. As alternative, “Wordart” feature can also be used for more attractive look.

certificate of ordination template word template free

Then, add the text. Just like you make the template in Photoshop, you only need to enter any text as needed. Choose font that’s appropriate and readable.

How to Covert the Certificate from Ms. Word?

Follow these steps to convert the certificate of ordination in Ms. Word:

  • First, press the control button and S
  • Then, select “save as”
  • At the bottom of the dialog box, select the desired file format
  • Click save

What should be Included in the Certificate of Ordination?

The information that’s usually written in the certificate of ordination are:

  • Title
  • “This is to certify”
  • Name
  • “Has been ordained”
  • Date
  • Signature

Well, that’s the information about the certificate of ordination template. There are several things that must be considered in making it. It is because certificate of ordination has a different function from other certificates.

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