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A certificate of service template is mostly used by those running a company or a work of place. The certificate is given to those who have been working there for years, and that is the sign of appreciation from the company to the employee. Most of the time, it is the situation where this kind of certificate is used. These are some templates for that and you can download them all for free.

certificate of service template free word template

What Is The Service Certificate?

The certificate is the one you use to give appreciation or to show gratitude. Most of the time, the giver of the certificate is a company or a university. The certificate can be used when:

  • Someone is achieving a career milestone
  • Someone is about to retired
  • Someone is getting promoted
  • Someone is getting transferred to other department and many more.

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How Do You Write Your Name On A Certificate?

Writing the name on a certificate is quite tricky. It is often done according to the situation. If the certificate is a formal one and can be done academically, usually the name is written in its full form: first name, middle name (optional), surname and the followed by the title of the person. If there is a title before the name, like Dr. or Professor, they can be written beforehand too.

Does Word Have A Certificate Template?

Word has templates for certificate and mostly it is common certificate. It does not have that particular certificate of service template there. You do not have to worry it about it anyway because you can simply modify the template and add the names and other information to the certificate template. That way, your certificate will be done in no time at all

certificate of service template in word free download

How Do I Get A Certificate Of Service?

You cannot really obtain the certificate as it is often given. The only way you can expect yourself to get the certificate is by working as hard as you can. The certificate is mostly given to the employees who have been working in the company quite well and achieves some sort of milestones there. That is basically the only way you can get the certificate.

How Do You Make A Certificate Template?

You do not have to create templates. Templates are already available. However, if you really need to make the template, you can start by choosing the right program to do that. It is either Photoshop or Microsoft Word. They both can be used quite easily to make the certificate from the beginning. Start by opening a blank document or canvas and start adding the certificate content.

certificate of service template in word

Before downloading the template, make sure that you know exactly what to do with it. After the template is downloaded, open them up using Photoshop or Word, depending on the format of the template. Then, simply add the name and signature and then print them. Select the best certificate of service template of all the choices and you will be able to make the best out of it.

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Printable Certificate of Service Template Sample

certificate of service template template free word

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