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Editable Chapstick Label Template to Make Your Own Lip Gloss and Lip Balm

Chapstick label template is often needed by girls who make their own lipgloss or lipbalm. Chapstick is actually a brand but it has become a common term to call something you put on the lips, rather than lipstick. So, it is generally believed that chapstick does not have to be the brand. Instead, it is more like something you whip up on your own. The labels can be made according to these explanations.

chapstick label template psd template free

What Is Chapstick Label Template?

The templates are those pre made design of labels that you can use to mark the tubes containing DIY chapstick. It is easy to use and it helps making the labels faster. It takes no time at all to complete and all you have to do is just editing them and then print them.

How Do You Make Chapstick Labels?

You can make your own label when you have the template. If you do not have them, simply open a new document in Word and draw a rectangle. Fill the rectangle with the label information and then print them. Glue them on the chapstick tubes and you will be basically done with it.

chapstick label template free psd template

How Do You Put Labels On Lip Gloss Tubes?

The best thing to put labels on the tubes is by printing the chapstick label template on a sticker paper. That way, the sticker can be peeled and pressed to the tubes directly. It takes no time at all to complete and your chapstick with look like something coming from the store. It is very easy to make and fun to do, too.

chapstick label template template free psd

What Size Is A Chapstick Label?

The label is pretty small in size. It is about 1×2 inches. However, it always depends on the size of the tube itself. If you are using slightly bigger tube or container for the DIY chapstick, adjust the size of the label as well. It will help making the chapstick looks more beautiful.

What to Write On Chapstick Labels?

Mostly the name of the “brand” is written there. You can also add the flavor of the lipgloss or lipbalm on the label so that people will know exactly what to expect while using them or while applying them on their lips. You should also add the production date of the chapstick for the safety reason.

How Do I Make My Own Printable Labels?

To make your own printable labels, you should follow these steps here:

  • Get the chapstick label template and download them for free
  • Open the template in Photoshop or in anything that you can use
  • Add texts and pictures to the labels
  • Adjust the size of the labels
  • Print the label and stick them on the tubes

So, when you feel like broke and do not have money to buy a chapstick, surely you can make one on your own. The ingredients to make DIY chapstick are very easy to find, including Vaseline, shea butter and essential oil. Once done, label and decorate the chapstick using the chapstcik label template you have seen and downloaded.

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