5+ Printable Chart of Accounts Template

Chart of Accounts Template for the Accounting Department

Using chart of accounts template is definitely something common today. Without the template, those who have been working in accounting department or financing department in a company would have to spend hours creating the chart of accounts right from the start. Follow the information and then find some templates to help you getting it done in no time at all.

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What Is Chart Of Accounts Template?

The template is a pre-made table containing the asset for company and other things related to the financial analysis of the company. The template is going to ease the related department to classify the factors of the financial situation of the company.

What should A Chart Of Accounts Look Like?

A good chart of account will look like a neat document containing all needed information about the company’s financial status and the factors forming them, including expenses and profits to make. It should be readable but not having too many narratives on it. It should be able to help the accounting department as well as the finance department to determine the financial situation of the company.

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What Is Included In A Chart Of Accounts?

Several important parts of the information that you need to include in the documents are including:

  • Company’s assets
  • Company’s expenses
  • Company’s equity
  • Company’s revenue
  • Company’s liabilities

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How Do You Write A Chart Of Accounts?

You do not have to write the chart right from the start. It does not have to be that way. Instead, you can always use chart of accounts template to make the document. The document will be ready in just an hour or so because all you have to do with that particular template is to fill in the gaps and blanks there to complete the whole document.

How Do I Create A Chart Of Accounts In Excel?

The chart is basically columns filled by numbers and information. So, if you need to make the document using Microsoft Excel, you can do that very easily because Excel is already in the form of tables and columns. All you have to do is inserting tables and then go down until all the information needed for the document is created.

What Is The Best Tool To Make Chart Of Accounts?

Microsoft Excel is probably the best. It has versatile tools like everywhere to insert the text and creating the tables, too. However, not everyone is capable in using Excel quite easily. If you find it difficult to use Excel, you can always use Microsoft Word instead. It has the same tool to add tables and alter it to the way you like it.

Of course making chart of accounts is something that you cannot take for granted. It revolves around the financial status of a company and thus the document will have to be made very properly. Use the template to see if you can make the whole thing go faster and prepare the document quicker. The chart of accounts template is free to get and you should get that for sure.

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