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Chevron Pattern Templates for Crafts the DIY Projects

One of the most famous patterns to this day is chevron pattern. This is the zigzag like pattern that everyone loves to use. If you need the template for the pattern or you need more information related to the pattern, you should be able to find them below. It will give you tons of templates to use and more information about the pattern.

chevron pattern in photoshop

What is the Chevron Pattern?

Chevron is the type of pattern with inverted V shape. The inverted V shape is multiplied and joined together until a seamless pattern is form. People do a lot of things with this pattern, including decorating their crafts and arts. The pattern is easy to make and they fill the space quite quickly. This is why people love to use this pattern and continue to do so even to this day.

Why Is It Called Chevron Pattern?

The pattern has been around since 1800 BC. It is predicted that the pattern was originated from the ancient Greece, which was certainly a long, long time ago. So, it is not particularly understood why chevron is the name of this pattern. It is probably related to the ancient Greek civilization itself.

chevron pattern in psd design

Is Chevron Print Out Of Style?

It is not exactly. Even though chevron pattern has been around for like forever, it never goes out of style. In fact, the pattern is getting more and more popular. It can be found literally anywhere, from a ceiling to a floor to any type of craft. This is why people are still fancying the pattern and you should consider having them too when you decorate something.

chevron pattern psd template free

What Is The Difference Between A Chevron Pattern And Herringbone?

People are indeed getting confused about these two patterns. They look similar and they belong to the same zigzag form, too. However, the main difference between the two is that chevron is more like an inverted V shape and herringbone has overlapping crosses on it. Herringbone looks bolder and generally thicker than the chevron.

chevron pattern template for photoshop

How to Make Chevron Pattern in Photoshop?

You do not have to necessarily make the pattern because Photoshop has already using a filler that can give you the chevron effect immediately. However, if you need to construct the pattern right from the start, it is probably starting from creating V shape and then inverts them back and forth until the desired pattern of chevron is formed.

chevron pattern template free psd

Where to Apply Chevron Pattern?

There are tons of things for the pattern to get applied. They are including:

  • On the floor board
  • On the walls
  • On the ceiling
  • On the driveway pavement
  • On patio path

chevron pattern customizable psd design template

Using the pattern to decorate anything is very possible, especially with the help of templates. That is the reason why there are tons of templates to download when it comes to chevron. You will have to find them and then download them. Using template is surely easier as you just have to copy the template and stick it to whatever thing you need to decorate with the chevron pattern.

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Printable Chevron Pattern Templates Sample

chevron pattern free download psd chevron pattern free psd template chevron pattern in photoshop free download


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