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Using Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template to Impress the Ones Getting Your Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It seems like no one will ever be able to resist it. With that in mind, making chocolate as your source of happiness will never be wrong. It seems easy, of course, and making chocolate bars equal to bringing happiness to people who get your chocolate. To make your Choco-bar looks alluring to eat, consider making a nicely-designed wrapper. A chocolate bar wrapper template can assist you to design it.

chocolate bar wrapper template free psd template

What are the Measurements for a Chocolate Bar Wrapper?

Try to ‘dissect’ a chocolate bar wrapper first. If we refer to Hershey’s chocolate bar, it is measured as 5.37 x 2.13 x 0.25 inches. You can make it larger, smaller, wider, narrower, or in any way you like – no one will ever judge you.

How Do You Make a Chocolate Bar Wrapper?

You can take a template to help you design the wrapper. Play with your creativity to design it, and take your chance to pour it into the canvas of chocolate wrapper.

chocolate bar wrapper template in photoshop free download

How Do You Wrap a Chocolate Bar?

To wrap a chocolate bar with papers, the things you need are the chocolate foil paper and a designed wrapper.

  • First, place your chocolate bar on the center of the foil paper.
  • Fold the left and right side remaining area to the center.
  • Following that, fold the up and bottom remaining foil area to the center. Secure the overlapping paper with a cello tape.
  • Now, do the same with the wrapper you’ve designed. Make sure to place the design center to the chocolate. Fold it neatly.

chocolate bar wrapper template in photoshop

What Paper is used for Chocolate Bar Wrappers?

In general, people will make use of chocolate foil paper to wrap chocolate bars. Then, on top of this paper, a designed chocolate wrapper will be used to wrap the chocolate bar once again.

chocolate bar wrapper template in psd design

How to Make Chocolate Bar Wrapper with Template?

Making a chocolate bar wrapper with a template is pretty easy. First, make sure to download your chocolate bar wrapper template to start with. You can also start by making the design yourself. But if you’re someone who’s not up to something troublesome, it’s better to start it off with a template.

In general, templates for chocolate wrapper can be edited by either word processor or image editor application. It all depends to the file extension the template has.

  • Prepare a sketch of how you would love the chocolate wrapper to look.
  • Browse for your template file, and double-click to launch the template.
  • Or, you can simply launch the editing application first then browse for the template itself.
  • Start to edit by adding components that you’d like to see.
  • Save the template file. If you are using an image editor app, then export your design.

chocolate bar wrapper template psd template free

As you’ve exported your design, the last thing you should do is to print it. You can also make a new design with your chocolate bar wrapper template. Dare your creative mind to make it unique! A cutely amazing wrapper, added by the sweetness of the Choco-bar will boost morale. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

chocolate bar wrapper template template for photoshop

Printable Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template Sample

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