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Chore List Template to Assign Your Family Members in Doing House Chores

Dealing with unhelping children who keep being reluctant to do house chores? Don’t worry as you can try benefit from a chore list. A chore list can help training your children to do the routine house chores. Not only it will help them to avoid laziness, a chore list will also help to give your kids some responsibility they must handle with care. Making it with a chore list template will help you to create an engaging chore list. The good thing is, it can help you set a list of chores your adult family members too!

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What is a Chore List?

Chore list – just as its name implies, is a list consisting of household chores that must be done by the family members. It usually comes in the form of checklists, which will help its users to note what have been done and what else needs to be handled.

What Chores need to be Done Daily?

If you plan to teach your children daily chores, you should let them to do some simple tasks, such as taking out the trash outside, sweeping the floor, and wiping the windows. These may start to vary as your kid grows older. Remember to give them some rewards when they’ve finished a certain task. They’ll love it!

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What are Some Good Chore Ideas for Children?

Depending on your children’s age, listed below are some of appropriate household tasks for your kids:

  • Folding laundry
  • Wiping windows
  • Ironing their own clothes
  • Cooking simple meal under your supervision
  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Washing the dishes
  • Cleaning the weeds

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What should be Included in a Chore List?

In general, a chore list will include these items which will be written into a table.

  • The list of chores (of course)
  • The assigned person to the job
  • Check lists
  • Notes (if any)

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How Do You Write a Chore List?

Essentially, there are seven steps to making a chore list.

  • First, list down the chores you want your family members (not only the little ones, anyway; especially if you want to make a family chore tasks list).
  • Set how you will set the list. One of the most common settings is to make the chores into a checklist.
  • Assign specific people for specific task(s). Let’s say, you stick to sweeping, cooking, and doing the laundry. While your husband is assigned to work the garden, cleaning the bathroom/toilet. Your elder child is wiping the windows and folding the laundry.
  • Put it into writing. In order to do this, you can grab a chore list template to help you with the design. Chore list templates come with various designs and file extensions to start with. Hence, to edit your template make sure you have installed the compatible application.
  • ‘Announce’ the list to your family members. There will be some sighs, but try to stick to it.

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So, that is how to make a household chore list with a chore list template. With a nice template, you can cut your time to beautify the bland and slightly-boring list. If you happen to set this for your family, we hope you can stick to it! Hence, you can train your family’s sense of responsibility.

chore list template in word

Printable Chore List Template Sample

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