4+ Project Status Report Template

Project Status Report Template to Inform Completed Tasks and Assignments

Having a project, you need to do it well so that you could please your boss. To help you manage your project, let you make use of a project status report template. This template will be very useful to inform whether or not the tasks and assignments given completed yet. You could send this project status PSD template free to your supervisor. Of course, they must want to know the project status. Anyway, it is easy to create a DIY printable project status report template but if are so busy, you could download our project status free download PSD here our web. Let’s check our template collection for further info below!

Project Status Report Template3

19+ Free Project Status Report Template Ideas for You

There are several kinds of customizable PSD template ideas that might match your needs available here, on our site. All of them are available in A4 paper size and the US standard Letter. Same as our other templates, they all are free to download as well as you have an internet connection. Then, just browse our site and click the download button on the template you want to. Anyway, let’s take a look at our lovely project status report template printable designs in the following numbers below!

  1. Simple Yellow Project Status Report
  2. Free Download Dark Brown Minimalist Project Status Report
  3. Dark Maroon Modern Project Status Report
  4. Peach and White Stripes Project Status Report
  5. Neon Blue Checkered with Brown Project Status Report
  6. White and Pink Project Status Report
  7. Blue Aqua and Purple Project Status Report
  8. Magenta and Grey Modern Project Status Report
  9. Yellow and Black Minimalist Project Status Report
  10. Green Globe Icon Project Status Report
  11. Orange and Blue Simple Project Status Report
  12. Black and White Common Project Status Report
  13. Peach Grey Company Photo Formal Project Status Report
  14. Yellow and Grey Tables Project Status Report
  15. Grey Construction Simple Project Status Report
  16. Black and Violet Patterned Zigzag Project Status Report
  17. Pink and White Elegant Project Status Report
  18. Blue Marketing Project Status Report
  19. Yellow and Blue Modern Vector Gaming Project Status Report
  20. Black and White Story Book Project Status Report

Project Status Report Template4

Finally, all sample project status report template ideas mentioned above are different in designs and purposes. Therefore, it is wise to select the one option that matches your needs. Anyway, for your additional information, our templates are mostly in PSD Photoshop formats.

Creating a DIY Project Status Report

Do you want to create a DIY project status template free PSD report? Well, let’s follow some instructions below then!

  1. Purpose. Let you set up your purpose first. What kind of project status report do you want to create? Is it for a school project? Is it for the company’s gaming project? Is it for a building construction project? Or probably, is it for economics project report? Well, let you think about it now.
  2. Specific details. Let you write down specific details on your project report. Remember, each report will have different details. A fiction book report, for instance, will include title, student’s name, plot summary, resolution, date assigned, etc.
  3. Use tables. To make it neat and clear, let you use tables. It might be easy to read your project report.


Project Status Report Template1

Finally, a project status report template sample is a helpful item to show your project status to your supervisor. Choose and download your project status report in Photoshop free download for free.


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