10+ Raffle Ticket Customizable PSD Design Template

Raffle Ticket Template: Provide Attractive Tickets Easily

Do you want to start your new business? If you want it, you may create the raffle ticket template. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this kind of template can help you to notice your business for other people. Then, to create this printable raffle ticket template, there will be some examples of the templates that you can apply. To get more information about it, please follow this source carefully!

raffle ticket Free Templates in PSD

6 Examples of the Raffle Ticket Template

This information provides 6 examples of the free PSD template that you may choose. What are they?  Here are available for you.

  1. The template of printable raffle tickets

In the first example, you will see that this template uses white color for the background. On the edge of the ticket, it uses a red one. The components of this free template in PSD are the name of the raffle event, name, phone, email, and the price.

raffle ticket Free PSD Templates

  1. The template off free raffle tickets

This PSD template free will show you that this ticket template applies orange color for the background. Besides, it is completed with a picture of a star. Then, the elements that are included are like name, address, phone, title, price, your organization, annual fundraiser, and date.

raffle ticket PSD Flyer Templates

  1. The template of free Christmas raffle promo ticket

What about this sample raffle ticket template? The background of this template is white and decorated with a Christmas tree in two corners of the template. It is such a Christmas giveaway and completed with the components of date, place, facilities, and prizes.

raffle ticket PSD Templates Free

  1. The template of a cinema ticket

The next template free PSD is the cinema ticket. This kind of template uses brown color for the background and the red one on the edge of the template. There are some main elements like the movie title, directed by, date, time, price, and seat number.

raffle ticket sample PSD Design

  1. The template of a raffle ticket voucher

You need to know that in this raffle ticket template sample, it uses the color combinations of yellow and red. Then, what can you see about the important elements in this template? Yea, there will be the title, price, date, name, and signature.

raffle ticket Templates Free PSD

  1. The template of a raffle movie ticket

How about this customizable PSD template? Actually, it will tell you that the combination of the colors in this template is white and green. The main elements, it covers the title of movie, date, time, and instruction.

raffle ticket Templates Photoshop

The Recommended Format of this free download PSD

When you download some kinds of this template, you need to download them with the format. Thus, you can easily edit the template. Here they are.

  1. MS Word

With MS Word, you can easily edit your document. When you want to make a raffle ticket, MS Word is good to customize a ticket you want. So, this format can be your first choice.

raffle ticket Customizable PSD Templates

  1. Photoshop

Besides MS Word, Photoshop is also good to edit a template, especially design a picture. So, if your ticket needs a nice picture before printing, choose this format when you download this template.

raffle ticket Customizable PSD Design Templates  raffle ticket Free Download PSD

Well, that is all you need to know about this raffle ticket template printable. Download the right format here freely.