Restaurant Checklist Sample Template

Restaurant Checklist: A Template to Provide the Needed Items

Do you want to have a business in a restaurant? If you want it, it is of course for you to open a new restaurant, right? Before opening it, there will be many processes that should be followed. One of them is making a restaurant checklist. You have to consider that you should include many items in this checklist template. Then, in this printable restaurant checklist, you can check many collections of these templates. Please follow it carefully!

Sample Restaurant Checklist Template

13 Examples of the Restaurant Checklist

This checklist has 13 examples that you may use to run your business in a restaurant. Here they are.

  1. The checklist of restaurant self-inspection

This checklist covers restaurant and food operations, food handling fractions, and fine protection and prevention.

  1. The checklist of green restaurant

It contains energy efficiency like food preparation equipment, dishwashers, refrigeration, and heating ventilation.

  1. The checklist template of the restaurant bathroom

There are the items, checked, any defects, comments, and solutions.

  1. The checklist template of the restaurant closing

This sample restaurant checklist tells restaurant name, address, sanitation, safety, employee work ethics, and remarks.

  1. The checklist template of restaurant side work

It consists of the date, item, and remarks.

  1. The checklist template of restaurant strategic planning

The elements are restaurant name and owner, address, date, description of tasks, and remarks.

  1. The checklist template of closing your restaurant

You should include the restaurant name, address, contact information, phase, category, activity, done, and notes.

  1. The checklist template of a new restaurant opening

It has a type of general inspection, name of the inspector, contact number, email address, and date inspection.

  1. The checklist template of restaurant

What about this restaurant checklist sample? It covers restaurant name, address, opening date, owner’s name, category, and restaurant task details.

  1. The checklist template of choosing a restaurant domain name

You will find specific description domain the owner, points to remember, and purpose or reason as to choice.

  1. The checklist template of restaurant accounting

It includes employee name, item name, status, remarks, verified by, and restaurant internal documentation and accounting.

  1. The checklist template of restaurant bartender

There will be the name of a bartender, starting date, instructions, and task.

  1. The checklist form template of restaurant

In this template, there are name, gender, date, age, internal environment, cleanliness and food safety, security and customer satisfaction, and remarks.

Sample Green Restaurant Checklist

6 Main Elements in the Checklist of Restaurant

There are 6 important elements that you should write in this checklist. Here are available for you.

  1. Inspections

The restaurant will need it to pass before starting operations.

  1. Budget plan

It is used to ensure that the restaurant has back up for continuous operations.

  1. Restaurant’s conditions

You should describe the conditions of electrical, plumbing systems, emergency response tools, and building.

  1. Workforce

It contains servers, cashiers, receptionists, chefs, and maintenance. All of them are surely needed by the restaurant.

  1. Hygiene program

In this case, you are suggested to apply this program that is used to measure health and safety standards.

  1. Solid waste program

At last, you have to follow that program and process by the restaurant during the operations.

Sample Restaurant Manager Shift Change Checklist

Well, that’s all about the restaurant checklist printable that you can understand. Have a nice learn from it!

Restaurant Checklist Sample Template

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