Sample Investigation Report Template

Investigation Report Free Downloading and Customizing in 25 Options

The investigation report template, surely, relates to the job of the police and the related parties. It often refers to criminal cases like murdering but you can still find it in other cases. So, what does the report look like? A lot of sample investigation report template designs are available here. Free printable, of course, effectively cut your money to the expense but the customizing feature truly cut your time. What else? Find more features like editable format, fast downloading, and suitable for any users. Let’s see it!

accident investigation report template

25 Investigation Report Designs Ideas for any Cases or Incidents

Let’s see 25 investigation report sample templates to start enjoying the features. Of course, you have not felt strange with the editable format files. Besides that, it also does not leave other features like free downloading, customizing, easy to use, and quick to make. By the way, the convenient templates for the report of investigation are:

  1. Editable Pages Report Template for Investigation
  2. Docs Investigation Template for Audit Report
  3. The report in Editable Word Template for Workplace Investigation
  4. HR Report Template of Investigation in Editable Pages
  5. Report for Incident Accident Investigation Template Word
  6. Investigation of Presentence Report in Pages Template
  7. Incident Report Investigation Template Docs
  8. Audit Investigation in Simple Doc Report Template
  9. Pages and Word Printable Report Templates for Workplace Investigation
  10. Report Template for Investigation to Print for Employee
  11. Internal Investigation Template Word for Audit Report
  12. Report of Investigation Accident Template Easy to Print
  13. Incident Accident Report of Investigation Template
  14. Template Report for Criminal Investigation
  15. PDF Accident Investigation Template Report Format
  16. Report Template PDF for Bullying Investigation
  17. Template for Incident Report of Investigation PDF
  18. Report Template for Presence Investigation
  19. PDF Template Report for Internal Investigation
  20. Report of Confidential Investigation in Word Template Format
  21. Template for Report of Credit Investigation
  22. Employee Investigation in PDF Report Template
  23. Investigation of Fire Report Template
  24. Report Form of Investigation
  25. Report Template for Grievance Investigation

bullying investigation report template

For your information, those templates can cover four report types of investigation. You allow using the printable investigation report for the introduction report, progress report, final report, and the supplemental report. Feel free to download it!

4 Main Elements of the Report Template for Investigation

At this time, this page does not discuss the steps, tips, or method to write the report. However, it attracts to describe the elements that exist on the template samples. Okay, here are 4 basic elements in the report such as below:

  • Data collection

It does not be difficult to collect data to include in the report. However, it can be terrible when you do not undertake it before starting to write it.

  • Write the report simple and save it

All reports want to look simple and readable so the audience easily understands the content. Always follow the facts during writing the report without ignoring less serious issues. You must Outline any missing information and use data for covering the facts.

  • Make a conclusion

There are two ways to conclude your report but both must discuss did and did not happen. You can infer using the facts that you have gathered. On the other hand, you may conclude using contradictory facts.

  • Add recommendations

The recommendation can be in the form of sanction or disciplinary actions.

Confidential Investigation Report template form

Thank you for following the journey of printable investigation report for today. Good luck!

Sample Investigation Report Template

credit investigation report criminal investigation report template employee investigation report fire investigation report grievance investigation report template incident investigation report template internal investigation report template Investigation Report Form presentence investigation report template


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