Sample Plumbing Receipt template

Sample Plumbing Receipt and 9 Types of Pipe to Sale

Have you seen the prior article about the plumbing receipt template? Of course, you have known the sample plumbing receipt templates and or have used it. But, why does it back again? The presence of plumbing industries keeps continuing and becomes more important for people. Primarily, it is important for city life and people in the mountain. They often rely on the plumbing to get clean water for daily activities. The plumbing receipt sample printable comes back to recall your memory.

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5 Sample Plumbing Receipt Templates Free Printable for Plumbing Industries

Same as the prior article, this page also shows 5 free printable plumbing receipt templates. The formats are similar and the functions are not different too. The most important thing is they keep easy to use without burden the plumbing industries and the employee. If you the part of the industry you have felt the benefits of the templates. Let’s recall your memory about it or come back for the next receipt of plumbing. Here, what to do:

  1. Plumbing Receipt Template Sample
  2. Receipt of Plumbing Service Sample Template
  3. Sample Receipt Template of Plumbing Contract
  4. Example Template Format Sample of Plumbing Receipt
  5. Excel Receipt Sample of Plumbing Template

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All templates contain detailed key features such as the name of the employee, company, until the client. It also mentions the description of the job or the plumbing itself. Even, it includes the transaction’s date and the signature from both parties. The point is you do not get a truly blank template so that you must undertake it from scratch. If you get the blank format it keeps easy and quick to use.

Acquire Kinds of Plumbing that you will provide to the Customers

Hopefully, you are still here with this page because this section differs from the prior plumbing receipt sample. You not only get the document that is useful for payment evidence and tracking tool. Even though, this page adds 9 types of plumbing along with functions. Thus, you also understand the item that you market to the client. The nine types are:

  • PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

This type of pipe is used to drain clean water, rainwater, used water, and drainage. This pipe has a variety of colors that indicate its function.

  • CPVC

CPVC or Chlorinate Poly Vinyl Chloride pipes are so thick that they withstand temperatures of 1,800 degrees Celsius. This type of pipe is very good for cold and hot water installations.

  • Copper Water Pipe

This pipe is also resistant to various temperatures making it suitable for refrigerant installations. But, it needs safety coating before planting on the ground.

  • PEX (Cross-linked Poyle Ethylene)

Next, there is PEX for hydraulic and various kinds of temperature installations. The simple connection of the pipe attracts many people to use it.

  • Galvanized Water Pipes

Galvanized pipes come from zinc-iron with a steel coating that requires a more complicated installation process.

  • HDPE water pipe

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) pipe is an elastic pipe made from a non-toxic plastic material. It is very safe for carrying water to homes for daily necessities.

  • PP-R water pipe

This random polypropylene pipe can supply water with high pressure and temperature.

  • AW Pipe

This is part of a PVC type pipe with a blue strip that delivers 10 kg/cm square of pressurized water.

  • Pipa D

One variant of PVC pipe is suitable for draining wastewater in a sink, kitchen sink, water closet, and others. This pipe is identical to the red strip.

Okay, that is new information on the printable plumbing receipt sample. Besides getting a free printable sample, you add new insight into the types of pipe. Thanks for reading!


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