5+ Sided Box Free PSD Templates Idea

20 Sided Box Template: Decorate Your Box Freely

Do you need to wrap a gift that you want to give to someone? If so, some samples of 20 sided box template can be the best idea for you. This template is available in some types that can blend with certain occasion moods. So, before going to a certain occasion, don’t forget to get this 20 sided box template printable and wrap your lovely gift.

sided box template free psd template

4 Best Kinds of 20 Sided Box Template You Will Love

Here, there are so many choices of this PSD template free. Do you want to know them? Just see the explanation below.

  1. Wedding card box label

First, you will certainly need this kind of printable 20 sided box template. This box is suitable to use when you want to attend a wedding party and bring a gift for the bride and bridegroom. This box is so elegant with grey color on each side. This box template also lets you write nice words in white. Thus, you can make a good combination of grey and white on the box.

sided box template psd template free

  1. Popcorn box

To have a wonderful family movie experience, popcorn can be the best friend for everyone. If you want to provide popcorn in a movie, this template free PSD is the right solution for you. It is available in some colors like red, light blue, and so on. When you want to make a cute popcorn for your little kids, this template is also suitable for it. With popcorn in a cute box, it can make a memorable evening for your kids while watching a movie or just playing a game.

  1. Pillow box

The third free PSD template you may like is a pillow box. It has a shape like a pillow that can present a nice look. Besides, you can also have other shapes with this free template in PSD. They are heart-shaped, flower-shaped, standing pillow, and so on. So, get helped to design a perfect box with this template.

  1. Happy meal box

Last, this kind of customizable PSD design template will be useful for you. You may use it when you need to serve meals to your customers in a well-looked box. With this template, you can also put a name, picture, and logo on a certain side of the box. It is wonderful, isn’t it?

sided box template template free psd

What to Do with Sample 20 Sided Box Template

After you find several samples of this customizable PSD template, are you still confused about what to do? If so, just follow the step below.

  1. Download the template

First, you have to download the template you like. Besides the sample template, just click the “download” button. After that, the template will be downloaded and automatically saved in your device.

sided box template example psd design

  1. Customize the template

When you think that the template is not suitable for your needs, just customize it. You can edit the shape, size, or color.

  1. Print the customized template

After you finish customizing the template, it means that the template is ready to attach to the box. So, just print it out.

sided box template free download psd

Yes, that is all about 20 sided box template sample to share with you. Download any samples you want for free.