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Single Business Card Template PSD with 4 dos and don’t

A single business card template is a simple card that keeps interesting to use. Formerly, people create it custom using Word but now you can use more practice way. Template free PSD of the day is more than practice but also professional and flexible. All users may customize the sample single business card template after downloading it freely. Does the template include the main items to write? Yes! Here, you quite download and customize. You do not need to think and work from the scratch!

single business card template free psd template

Single Business Card Template PSD to customize it Photoshop

Click here to see and choose your single business card template sample! By the way, the recent business card is different from the style several years ago. Now, it comes more informative by not only writing the name, company, also contact. The background is not only in black and white but also colorful. Overall, here what to include in your business card:

  1. Business Company Logo

The customizable PSD template only asks for changing the logo with your company logo. Prepare your logo first!

  1. Venture Name

Alongside that, edit the name of the company!

  1. Tagline

Do not forget the tagline!

  1. Your Name as the Owner

Next, inform on your name as the owner of the company!

  1. Job Title

The job title in the PSD template free is the same as the position that you run. If you are not the employer (owner) it may show other positions like director, marketer, and so on.

  1. Website

Of course, each business has a website right now to ease its approach to the customers and clients. Include it in your business card pretty the recipient can access your business easily.

  1. Contact Detail

Besides the website, add an email address, address, also the customer service number.

single business card template in photoshop free download

In Photoshop, you quite change the information of the business card with your free template PSD. If you use Word the process will run longer. Moreover, you must start it from “Create” and “Design” to create a table, format text, and image. Or, open Word, Insert, and Table to design business card manually!

single business card template in photoshop

Dos and Dont’s in making Business Card

Regard you have got a suitable printable single business card template. Next, you have to customize the template to change the information. However, you should pay attention to the dos and don’t for customizing your template Photoshop. Look at below:

  • Font style

The business card only needs a font size that more than 8pt. Even, the logo and the company name should be larger than 12pt.

single business card template in psd design

  • Font outlining

Later on, the name or company slogan should not edit so you must outline it.

  • Bleed

Pay attention to the bleed where it is a part of the design that passes the cut line or the trim edge. It is better to not add borders and important information after the trim line. Add border only make the card look lopsided and the information will cut after printing.

single business card template psd template free

  • Check it

Before printing, this customizable PSD template always reminds you to double-check it. Pass this simple step may cause fatal effects like typo and grammar errors.

single business card template template for photoshop

Feel free to use the single business card template printable! Take the benefits from the template into tips to create it modernly. Thank you for reading. Good luck!

Single Business Card Template Sample

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