10+ Template for Donation Receipt

Template for Donation Receipt: Make a Document of the Donation Process Instantly

Do you want to document every donation from a certain person for a charity? If so, you need to prepare a donation receipt every time you provide that event. To make it without any ideas can make you get difficulties providing such a receipt. In this matter, a template for donation receipt comes to help you create a donation receipt faster and easier. For you who are looking for a sample template for donation receipt, PSD is the solution. This site provides multiple samples of this template that you can download for free. Besides, you can also modify this customizable PSD template as you want to meet your needs.

Template for Donation Receipt template free

Benefits of Template for Donation Receipt

Before you choose this template, it will be better if you know the benefits of it first. After that, you can be sure to choose this free template in PSD. Here they are.

  1. Instant download

To download this template for donation receipt sample is very easy. You can do it instantly wherever are and whenever you need it. Just click the “Download” button and the sample of this free download PSD will be saved on your device.

  1. Easily editable

This template is editable that allows you to edit any details in it freely. You can do editing quickly using your preferred app supports on your devices. You can edit this example PSD design template using Word, Pages, or Google Docs.

  1. Available in A4 and US

You need to know that every document will be good if it is printed in a standardized size. From this matter, you are so lucky to use this printable template for donation receipt since it is available in A4 and also US size. Those sizes are the most appropriate ones for a document. So, just select the needed size!

Template for Donation Receipt in free download

Tips to Write a Donation Receipt Yourself

Before you write a donation receipt, you should know these tips.

  1. Include your organization’s name

First, you need to include your organization’s name. It is important to introduce your organization to every donor. As a result, all donors will recognize it.

  1. Write the donor’s name

To report the donation, you certainly need a list of all donors’ names on the donation receipt. By giving a donor’s name in the template free PSD, it will be easy for you to lost all donors after the donation process finishes.

  1. Add an amount of money

On the donation receipt, there should be an amount of money that is written on it clearly. This condition will simplify you to synchronize the total money with the data on the donation receipt.

  1. Give the date of donation

Last, you need to give the date on the donation receipt. A date can be real proof when the event is done. So, don’t forget to give it and write it clearly.

Template for Donation Receipt in design

Well, that is all about the benefits of template for donation receipt printable and the tips to make it perfect. If you are interested in this template, just download any kinds of this customizable PSD design template here any time you want.

Template for Donation Receipt template

Template for Donation Receipt Sample

Template for Donation Receipt free templates

Template for Donation Receipt free template

Template for Donation Receipt free download

Template for Donation Receipt example design

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Template for Donation Receipt customizable design template