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Title Page Template: Design the Cover Page in Creative Way

A title page template is commonly used to create a cover page for your school project, report, or others. To attract people’s interest, you should make the page in a well-design look. If you are still confused about the design, don’t worry about it! In this printable title page template, you can find some different and creative designs for making a title or cover page. Thus, please follow the information below carefully!

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5 Examples of the Title Page Template You Can Apply

You need to recognize that this free template in PSD provides 5 main examples of the forms. To get more information about it, let’s check them in detail!

  1. The template of sample assignment cover page

In this first sample title page template, what can you find in it? Yea, it looks so simple because the background of the template is white. Then, for the components, there is the title, student name, unit code, unit name, assignment title, number, assignment received, signature, and date.

Title Page 7

  1. The template of the project cover page

Then, this second free PSD template tells you the project document cover sheet. It covers the project information, document name, and document history. The first component includes project title, start date, the lead institution, project director, project manager, contact details, and others. The second component contains the document title, author, project role, date, file name, URL, and access. Then, the last one covers the version, date, and comments.

Title Page 8
  1. The sample of communication assignment cover sheet

How about this title page template sample? Exactly, this template includes some significant elements. Those are like the subject number, name, student’s name, student’s number, student’s email, and student’s contact number. Besides, there are names of a tutor, due date, assessment item number, and title.

Title Page 9

  1. The example of a cover page for project submission

The other customizable PSD template is about the submission of project assignments. You have to write some main components like the project title, course title, intake, subject title, assignment, and personal statement. There are also names, signature, admission number, and date of submission.

Title Page 10

  1. The template of standard cover page example

The last main example of the template free PSD tells you the faculty name, department, program, course number, and section number. The other elements are course title, semester, instructor, assignment number, assignment title, submission date, due date, student name, student ID, and signature.

Title Page 1

Important Tips to Follow with Cover Page

The information below will show you some tips that you have to follow with this PSD template free. What are they? Here are the tips.

  1. Take the template

First, you must take to the title or cover page template.

  1. Complement the theme

What does it mean? This tip means that when you have chosen the desired template, you should remember that it must complement the theme of the book.

  1. Include the skills

Then, you have to include your skills in this free download PSD template. It will be written in the resume cover page.

  1. Add the financial year

Last, please add the financial year for financial reports!

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It is the source of the title page template printable. Get a better understanding of it!


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