10+ Trading Card Customizable PSD Template

Trading Card Template: Getting the Suitable Form

Are you looking for a trading card template? Well, you need to know first that trading is available for manufacturers, businessmen, and stockbrokers. You can find them in this kind of card template. So, when you want to download the examples of the printable trading card template, just follow the following information completely. You must download it because the templates are provided online.

Trading Card Free PSD Templates

5 Examples of the Trading Card Template

This card template offers 5 examples of the designs that are usually created. Do you want to recognize those examples? Here is the template free PSD available for you.

  1. The template of free download trading card

You have to know that this first sample trading card template is available in Word format. It is so simple to create. The background of this card template is white. Then, for the main elements, there is the date of birth, place of birth, family members, special talent, and greatest accomplishment. In addition, on the right side, you can insert a picture and your name.

Trading Card Free Templates in PSD

  1. The template of universal sports trading card

In this free PSD template, you will see that it has a cool mix of color and also shine. The background of this template is grey. Then, the components of this card template are such as the photo, person’s name, position, age, height, weight, league, coach, and company’s name.

Trading Card PSD Flyer Templates

  1. The template of football trading card

The next free template in PSD is a football trading card. You have to know that this card template applies a blue color for the background. There will be a photo of the player, player’s name, position, player history, receiving, receptions, and touchdowns.

Trading Card PSD Templates Free

  1. The template of business style trading card

Then, how about this trading card template sample? The background of this template uses black color. Moreover, this kind of card template contains the person’s photo. Besides, there are also logo design skills, illustration skills, web design skills, service quality, customer satisfaction, and email address.

Trading Card sample PSD Design

  1. The template of free volleyball trading card

Furthermore, the other customizable PSD template is about a volleyball trading card. You need to know that this template combines two colors for the background. They are grey and white. Then, the elements that you have to include are the player’s name, position, age, weight, height, league, coach, and player’s history. Besides, you may also add a photo of the player on the left side of the identity.

Trading Card Templates Free PSD

Steps to Choose What Trading Cards to Make

There are 3 steps that you have to follow to choose what trading cards to make. Let’s check them out in this PSD template free!

  1. Make cards

It means that you should make cards for your own trading card game. Here, you can write the rules, invent your characters, and give them powers.

  1. Create baseball cards

This free download PSD template covers the player’s name, statistics, team history, and other fun facts.

  1. Use family’s photos

Last, to make personalized trading cards, you may use photos of family and friends. It can help you to connect with beloved ones.

Trading Card Templates Photoshop

Here is the review of the trading card template printable. Please get a better understanding of it!


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