10+ Training Certificate Template PSD Free Download

Training Certificate Template: Design the Form Based on Your Need

If you want to give a certificate to members who have completed any course, just do it! Don’t worry about that! The information on the training certificate template will help you to provide some kinds of the template. It is also completed with different and creative designs. Thus, when you need to create this printable training certificate template, please pay attention to the kinds below!

training certificate in psd design

4 Kinds of the Training Certificate Template

In this kind of template, you will see 4 main kinds of certificate forms that you can create. So, please follow the information below in this free PSD template!

  1. The certificate template of nursery potty trained

The first sample training certificate template is about the certificate of achievement. The background of this certificate is white but for the edge of the template, it uses green color. Besides, you can also add pictures of funny small persons on the edge of the template. Then, the included elements are the title, receiver name of the certificate, organization’s logo, statement, date, and signatures.

training certificate psd templates

  1. The certificate template of dog training

In this second template free PSD, what can you know about it? According to the name, a person who gets this kind of certificate is a person who trains a dog in any activities. You need to know that the background of this template is in white. Then, you can add the other colors for the edge of the template. It can be light brown and orange. You may put the picture of the dog on the top left side of the template. Furthermore, the included elements are the title, receiver’s name, logo, statement, and signatures.

training certificate psd

  1. The certificate template of creative rock climbing training

What about this free template in PSD? Yea, you need to know that this certificate template applies a light blue background. On the left side of the template, you will see the picture of the climbing person. Then, what are the components in this certificate template? There will be the title, receiver’s name, statement, organization’s logo, and signatures.

training certificate templates psd

  1. The certificate template of computer training

The other training certificate template sample will be used for computer training. If you want to make this certificate template, you can use white color for the background. Then, you may embellish this certificate with light brown and green frame also green writing. So, it will look nicer. Moreover, it contains the components of the title, organization’s logo, receiver’s name, statement, and signatures.

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Important Tips to Make a Template of Training Certificate

When you need to create this PSD template free, there are some available tips that you have to follow. Let’s check them in detail!

  1. Ensure the color scheme

The first tip to make this customizable PSD template is to make sure the color scheme that you choose. It should be suitable for the training program.

  1. State the purpose

It means that you have to write the purpose of the certificate and the reason why the person is awarded.

  1. Pay attention to the little details

It covers the name and other details mentioned in this free download PSD template.

  1. Keep the details simple

Here, the highlight should be the name and the reason for certification.

training certificate psd templates

Well, that is the information about the training certificate template printable. Choose one form that you need!

Training Certificate Template Sample

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