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Travel Magazine: Providing Wonderful Destinations to Visit


Do you want to create a travel magazine for your readers? If you do, you can pay attention to this magazine template. Actually, traveling is one of the exciting activities, right? Even, you can visit many destinations in the world. So, you can make it as your great experience. Furthermore, this printable travel magazine provides important information about travel destinations and the activities that you can do there.

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5 Lists of the Travel Magazine

This kind of magazine template has 5 main lists of the template free PSD that you may choose. Let’s find out them in the information below!

  1. The magazine template of free travel cover

What can you infer with this free template in PSD? Beautifully, it applies a blue color for the background. Besides, it takes an image of a wonderful beach with blue water. There are also some big corals and high coconut trees on the beach. Then, the elements that you have to write are the title, facilities, and some travel destinations.

  1. The template of travel agency magazine

In this second sample travel magazine, you could see that it tells about the magazine of easy travel. It has 20 pages and available in A4 size. The background of this magazine is a hiking person. Moreover, the components that you need to include are the magazine title, top 5 travel tips, map works interview, and travel blogger guide.

  1. The template of travel guide magazine

How about this free PSD template? Greatly, it is included in the travel world magazine. The background of this magazine is a big river with a beautiful view. Then, for the essential aspects, there are the magazine title, travel blogger guides, safety tips for solo travelers, and amazing travel stories.

  1. The magazine template of summer travel

Furthermore, what do you know about this travel magazine sample? Exactly, this magazine template looks so colorful and stylish. Why can it be like that? The reason is that the background of this magazine is using an image of a beautiful sea with elegant sunset. People who see this kind of magazine will be interested in reading it. In addition, you should write some aspects of this magazine. Those are the magazine title, destinations, travel Tennessee, spring splash, unforgettable islands, and where the locals go.

  1. The magazine template of free modern travel cover

Then, the last kind of customizable PSD template tells the magazine with the modern touch. Its background is a nice blue mountain with some hills. The elements in this magazine are such as the magazine title, tips to make the holiday smarter, and the world most amazing places. The others are wonders of the world, the best diving, and a taste of New York.

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Great Tips to Create the Magazine of Travel

Here are the tips when you need to create this PSD template free.

  1. Contain the suitable content

Your magazine must be full of traveling information.

  1. Highlight information

Then, the other tip in making this free download PSD template is that the travel information. It can be travel tips and other trip suggestions.

travel magazine psd template free

Those are the review of the travel magazine printable that you should learn. Get a better understanding!

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Travel Magazine Sample

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