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Wedding Ceremony Program Template: Make the Simple but Elegant Form

If you are an event manager, it should be for you to create a wedding ceremony program template. Exactly, in this template, you will see all the events of the wedding. So, hopefully, by making the printable wedding ceremony program template, the wedding events will be in good order. Well, if you want to recognize about the lists of this program template, don’t worry! You can check them in the information below.

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5 Main Lists of the Wedding Ceremony Program Template

Actually, this kind of program template offers 5 form lists that are commonly created by an event manager. Are you curious about them? Let’s check out for the lists of the free PSD template!

  1. The template of wedding ceremony part

This first sample wedding ceremony program template tells you that it is available in PDF format. If your customer likes light purple, you can use this template as the background. Then, for the elements, you should write the title, bride’s and groom’s name, wedding date, and lists of events.

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  1. The template of the marriage ceremony party

In this free download PSD template, you will see that this template applies white background. It looks so simple, doesn’t it? Even though, the font of the template uses the unique one. What about the components in this template? Yea, there will be the main components of the title, bride’s and groom’s name, wedding date, and location. For the event lists, there are a prelude, the seating of the mothers, lighting of the memorial candle, processional, greeting, declaration of intention, and others.

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  1. The template of a simple wedding ceremony

How about this free template in PSD? According to the name, it is the simple template of the wedding ceremony. The background of this template is also white. Then, the event’s components that you have to include are the title, prelude, processional, opening, first and second reading, and gospel acclamation. The other events are homily, final blessing, dedication, and recessional.

  1. The template of the wedding ceremony

The next wedding ceremony program template sample is also provided in PDF form. In this kind of ceremony program template, you will get the title, pre-wedding ceremony events, and wedding ceremony. In the pre-wedding ceremony events, the elements are wedding party pictures, wedding party dressed and ready, prelude, and lighting of the candle. Then, the seating of the parents will be listed in the wedding ceremony.

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  1. The template of the wedding ceremony for download

What can you find in this last customizable PSD template? When you make this template, you should include the essential elements. They are such as the title, greeting, and prayer, giving away, parent’s blessing, and scripture reading, song, poem, or prayer.

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Main Features in a Countryside Ceremony

If you plan this kind of ceremony, you should include these features. Here are available in this PSD template free.

  1. Dark background

Greatly, the dark beige background of the template will be excellent if you want a countryside ceremony theme.

  1. White intricate fonts

Then, this kind of feature in the template free PSD will create a great combination with its background.

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Wedding Ceremony Program Template Sample

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