10+ Sample Wedding Checklist Template

Wedding Checklist Template: Choosing the Proper Form to Use

Hello men and women! Do you want to hold a wedding party with your lovely couple? If the answer is true, you need to prepare everything related to the party. One of them is making a wedding checklist template. In this kind of template, you will know the activities that you can do before having a party. Well, to get more information about it, please check the samples of this printable wedding checklist template below!

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5 Main Samples of the Wedding Checklist Template

Exactly, you have to recognize that this kind of template provides 5 main samples. Are you curious about them? Here are the samples of this free PSD template.

  1. The template of wedding checklist

The first sample wedding checklist template will show you some activities of engagement and ten up to twelve months before the wedding. There will be a description of each activity, planned date, completion date, and the person responsible. At the time of engagement, you can buy an engagement ring, announce the engagement, and others. Then, for ten up to twelve months before, you can set the wedding budget, create the guest list, set wedding date, and time.

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  1. The template of professional wedding checklist

For this free download PSD, you will see that the elements in this template are such as the title. The other ones are the list of activities of nine to twelve months before and six to nine months before. For nine to twelve months before, you can pick out the engagement ring, announce the engagement, and determine the wedding type. Then, for six to nine months before, you may shop for a wedding dress and determine a person who will officiate at the ceremony.

wedding checklist in word free download

  1. The template of a couple of wedding checklist

How about this wedding checklist template sample? In this checklist template, you can write the list of the activities in 12 months or more. For example, you may choose a date, talk budget, discover wedding style, get an engagement ring, browse wedding dress, and others.

wedding checklist in word

  1. The template of corporate wedding checklist

The next free template in PSD will show you the activities list that will be held as soon as possible. Those activities are like the title, make key decisions, agree on a wedding budget, investigate venues, book reception venues, and others.

wedding checklist template for word

  1. The template of easy to edit wedding checklist

In this last template free PSD, you can find the components of the title and the activities list of nine months and earlier. Those activities are announcing the engagement, selecting a date for the wedding, hiring a professional wedding consultant, and others.

wedding checklist template free word

Importance of Using a Template of Wedding Checklist

There will be the importance of using this PSD template free. What are they? Let’s check it in detail!

  1. Keep track the wedding development

First, by making this customizable PSD template, it can help you to keep track of an entire wedding development.

  1. Available in various designs

Since this kind of template is available in varieties of the designs, you may choose and use it based on your needs.

  1. Available in editable formats

It means that you can edit the format of the chosen template easily.

wedding checklist word template free

That is the review of the wedding checklist template printable. Just make it if you need it!

Sample Wedding Checklist Template

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