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Wedding Guest List Template: Getting to Know the Various Forms

When you want to hold a wedding party, you should make a wedding guest list template. Why should it be like that? Yea, making the list of the wedding guest is very useful for you to know the guests who will attend your party. It is because related to the food, seat, and others. Then, to make this printable wedding guest list template, the following information provides some examples of the forms that can be your source. Just follow it nicely!

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5 Examples of the Wedding Guest List Template

There will be available for you 5 examples of this free PSD template. To check them, please pay attention to these examples below!

  1. The planner of wedding guest list

The first sample wedding guest list template will show you that this template is available in Excel format. So, it is such a table form. You can use white color for the background of the template. Then, for the elements, there are the contact name, phone number, fax number, cell phone, email address, website, and address.

wedding guest list sample PSD Design

  1. The template of a wedding guest list

In this template free PSD, you will see that the background of this template applies pink color. So, if this color is your favorite one, just use this template! Moreover, when you want to make this kind of template, you have to include some important components. What are they? The components are the title, guest name, address, date sent, an invitation sent, confirmed, gift, thank you sent, and total guests.

wedding guest list Templates Free PSD

  1. The printable of wedding guest list

What about this free template in PSD? Yea, the background of this template uses the combination of white and cream. Then, for the elements, there are some that you should write. They are family name, name on the invite, street address, city, state, and ZIP code. There are also phone number, email address, invited, attending, gift received, and thank you.

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  1. The template of sample wedding guest list

This fourth wedding guest list template sample will tell you that it is also provided in Excel format. It applies white background and there is a little blue one on the heading of the table. The main aspects that you have to include are such as the title, name, complete address, and relationship. The other ones are invited to the wedding, accepted or declined, and seating arrangements.

wedding guest list Customizable PSD Design Templates

  1. The spreadsheet of free wedding guest list

The other customizable PSD template is this spreadsheet form. It looks so simple because there are only the elements of the title, name, address, invited, and RSVP.

wedding guest list Customizable PSD Templates

Main Uses of Creating the Template of Wedding Guest List

Here are the following uses if you make this PSD template free. Let’s check them out!

  1. Keep organized

What does it mean? Yea, it means that this template can help you to keep track of everyone that you plan on inviting to your wedding.

  1. Make sure everything

You need to recognize that this free download PSD also helps you to ensure that no invitation or thank you note gets forgotten.

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It is the beneficial information of the wedding guest list template printable. Please get a better understanding of it!


Sample Wedding Guest List Template

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