10+ Wedding Guest List Template

Wedding Guest List Template and Things to Be Known Inside It

These are many preparations to be prepared before celebrating the wedding, including the wedding guest list. Yes, as its name, the wedding guest list is needed to list the guest that should come to the party. There is the wedding guest list template that maybe will help you in making it.

Using a template in making a wedding guest list is quite useful. By using the template, you do not need to make it from a blank document. All you need to do is editing the default scheme of the guest list and renewing the design of it.

Here, we will talk to you about some matters of the wedding guest list to be considered when you want to make it. What to know inside the wedding guest list? See the writings below.

Categories of Wedding Guest List PSD

When you are confused about where to start making the wedding guest list, you can make some categories of the guest. Well, it is a useful matter to be considered in making the list. By using the categories, of course, you also will be easier to list the total guests that you want to invite.

Some categories that can be your consideration are:

  • Family

The first category of the wedding guest list is the family. Here, it will be better when you list them all. You may down the second cousins to make such as a family reunion

  • Close friend

Adding the close friend as the category of the wedding guest list is needed. The close friends are those who are significant to your life. They may people that will always stay on your side in different condition.

  • Professional friends

Professional friends are those who have meaning for your professional life. They can be your boss, the business partners, and others. Adding them in the category of the wedding guest list is needed.

Things to Consider in Making Wedding Guest List PSD

To make the wedding guest list, these are some considerations that you need to know. First, you need to decide the style of your wedding, whether it is a private party or not. Of course, the shape of the wedding will influence the total guests that you will invite.

On another hand, paying attention to the list of the guest is needed. It is another consideration that is also very essential to be done. Through paying attention to the list of the guests, you can choose whether an individual is invited or not.

Then, do not forget to count the number of guests. It is very essential. Something that you need to know is impossible when you invite all people that have a relation with you.

Tips to Create a Good Wedding Guest List PSD

Another matter to be known in making the wedding guest list is tips to create it. The tips are important, so you can make a clear list of your need. Identifying decision-makers becomes the first tip that you need to know. Here, you may make some discussions with your partner.

Discussing wedding goals is also important to be done. As we have said before, the type of wedding becomes one of the considerations in making the wedding guest list. That is why the goals of the wedding also should be considered.

Wedding Guest List Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the wedding guest list template on this page. You can scroll it down and get the samples to make yours.