10+ Wedding Invitation Template Customizable PSD Design

Wedding Invitation Template for New Party Ideas

Giving wedding invitation template is one of the sweetest gifts for the bride and groom. None can reject the awesome design that frees editable in PSD Photoshop format. You may take one of the samples below and customize it directly so they quite share it with others. Believe it, editing the sample wedding invitation template is not difficult. Quite give a little time and energy to realize it! Your light effort keeps becoming a great thing and helps their preparation so much. Let’s start it!

Wedding Invitation PSD Flyer Templates

PSD Wedding Invitation Template Design for New Normal Wedding

It will be a new wedding ceremony in 2020 that seems different from before. However, do not worry because the sense never decreases. Otherwise, the bride and the groom feel a new sense that is more impressive. Well, turn back to the printable wedding invitation template that comes in Photoshop free download. Check the new designs for the new normal wedding concept:

  1. Chic Red Roses Design for New Wedding Invitation Template PSD
  2. Gold Color Love-Shaped Design PSD Wedding Invitation Template
  3. White Heart and Golden Ribbon Wedding Invitation Design Template
  4. Lace Simple PSD Template Free of Wedding Invitation with Morandi Color
  5. Photoshop Document Template Format of Formal Wedding Invitation
  6. Wedding Invitation in Beach Themed Template Ideas
  7. Simple Wedding Invitation with Photos in PSD Template Format
  8. Excellent Wedding Invitation Template for Sending by Email
  9. Handmade Wedding Invitation Template Free PSD
  10. Wedding Invitation in PSD Disney Themed Template

Wedding Invitation PSD Templates Free

4 Types of Wedding Invitations that you can make using Customizable PSD Design Template

Do you ever know about the types of wedding invitations? It turns out there are four types that you will use one of them. They are:

  • Pocket Wedding Invitation

The first type is a pocket invitation that is appropriate for formal and informal wedding events. You may use a free template in PSD above that has a ribbon ornament. Add an envelope to save and share it.

Wedding Invitation sample PSD Design

  • Flat Wedding Invitation

A flat invitation is suitable for a casual wedding that has a personal touch. The characteristics of the invitation are open-faced, single page, and glance event information.

  • Folded Invitation

Next, you can make a folded invitation along with the wedding invitation template sample. It is usually identical with image, typographic design, photo, and the event detail.

Wedding Invitation Templates Free PSD

  • Send & Seal fold Up

Last, send and seal fold-up is useful for a formal wedding that requires an RSVP. It also has detailed event information and a tear-off response card.

Besides the templates meet one or all types of wedding invitations, it remains many privileges. It is such as:

  • Host

Your wedding invitation must write the name of the bride, groom, their parents, also sponsor.

  • Detail information

Anything the type of invitation, the template must demonstrate detailed event information. Date, day, month, year, and location must exist in your invitation.

Wedding Invitation Templates Photoshop

  • Formality

The template Photoshop of the wedding invitation is useful for any condition like formal, informal, and casual.

  • Codes

Your wedding invitation template prepares a space to inform on the dress code based on your theme and desire.

Wedding Invitation Customizable PSD Design Templates

Are you ready to realize a wedding invitation template  printable for personal and others? The customizable PSD template here will raise your readiness directly. Let’s try it and present for individual and your lovely people. Good luck!


Sample Wedding Invitation Template

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