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Wedding Itinerary Template: Making the Proper Plan

Hi, great men and women! Do you have a desire to hold a sacred party, like a wedding? If you do, it is suggested for you to create a wedding itinerary template. Why should it be like that? Yea, it is because this kind of template will provide some main points when you prepare your wedding party. So, to get more information about it, please give your best attention to this printable wedding itinerary template!

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6 Samples of the Wedding Itinerary Template

Exactly, this kind of itinerary template offers 6 samples of the forms that are commonly made. What are the samples? Just check them in detail in this free PSD template!

  1. The worksheet of wedding itinerary

In this kind of sample wedding itinerary template, you will see that there are some main elements. Those are the title, client name, date of reception, phone number, address of reception, time guests arrive, music, bridal party, and others.

wedding itinerary sample PSD Design

  1. The example of the wedding day itinerary

Then, this free template in PSD tells some included components like the wedding date, bride’s and groom’s name, email, address, and phone number. Besides, there is also a photographer, the ceremony’s date, and location.

wedding itinerary Templates Free PSD

  1. The sheet of wedding ceremony detail

Furthermore, the other customizable PSD template contains the important aspects in detail. For the aspects, there will be the title, date of the ceremony, people involved, the person hiring the entertainment, venue, entertainer, music, and service.

wedding itinerary Templates Photoshop

  1. The template of wedding itinerary

What about this wedding itinerary template sample? Actually, it is available in Word format. This template covers the elements of the title, name, phone, email, event date and location, guests arrive, also ceremony begins and ends. There are also reception begins, meet and greet, dinner begins, and others.

wedding itinerary Customizable PSD Design Templates

  1. The template of wedding itinerary form

The next template free PSD tells about the form of a wedding itinerary. This template includes essential elements like the title, names, reception date, guest arrival time, and bridal party introductions. There are also the parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers, ring bearer, and so on.

wedding itinerary Customizable PSD Templates

  1. The template of sample wedding itinerary

In addition, what can you find in this free download PSD? Yea, there will be the components of the bride’s and groom’s name, date, time, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and groomsman tee time. Besides, there are also nails and hair, arrive at church, wedding ceremony, reception, and brunch.

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Some Important Points When Preparing a Wedding Itinerary

Here are the points that you have to include when you are preparing a wedding itinerary. Let’s check them out in the PSD template free!

  1. Date

First, you need to write the date of the wedding ceremony.

  1. Events

Here, you should write a list of events that you will hold for the wedding.

  1. Guests

The number of guests is also important to include in this template.

  1. Other matters

What does it mean? Actually, this matter contains some points like the decoration that will be used and the venue of the wedding. The other ones are available foods and beverages, the budget of the ceremony, and timing for each event.

wedding itinerary Free PSD Templates

Well, this is the review of the wedding itinerary template printable. Just apply to make the template nicely!


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