10+ Wedding Program Templates for Photoshop

Wedding Program Template: Creating the Amazing Background

If you want to have a wedding party, it should be better for you to make a wedding program template. You have to know that in this kind of program template, you need to write everything related to the party. It is, of course, things that will support the wedding ceremony. Well, if you want to recognize the kinds of this printable wedding program template, just follow the information below carefully!

wedding program psd templates

5 Kinds of the Wedding Program Template

The following information will provide 5 kinds of the template. So, please pay attention to those kinds of free PSD template well!

  1. The template of the modern wedding program

This first sample wedding program template is available in Word format. The background of this template is in white. Then, for the components, you should include the bride’s and groom’s name, initials, photo, date, and event location. There is also seating of the family, bridal party, readings, gospel, wedding ceremony, prayers, and the announcement of marriage.

wedding program psd

  1. The template of free wedding program template

In the second free download PSD template, you will find that this template is also available in the format of Word. The main elements in this template are the title, bride’s and groom’s name, day and date, and time. Besides, there is also the name of the church, city, also grandpa’s and uncle’s names.

wedding program templates psd

  1. The template of wedding program sample

What about this wedding program template sample? It is also in Word document. You will see that this kind of template contains the essential elements that you have to write. What are they? The elements are such as the title, statement, bride’s and groom’s name, and officiant’s name. The other ones are parents of the bride, parents of the groom, maid of honor, best man, and bridesmaids.

wedding program templates for photoshop

  1. The template of a simple wedding program

Furthermore, the other free template in PSD is about a simple wedding program. This kind of wedding template has a Word format. In this template, you will get the elements of the title, bride’s and groom’s name, day, date, time, location, and officiant. Besides, there are also seating of mother, wedding processional, welcome, prayer, declaration of intent, exchange of rings, maid of honor, and best man.

wedding program psd templates

  1. The template of the wedding program for the wedding ceremony

Then, the last template free PSD will tell you about the wedding program for the ceremony. It contains some main aspects like the title, preludes, processional, bridal processional, greeting and opening prayer, and responsorial psalm.

wedding program customizable psd design templates

Tips to Use the Template of Wedding Program

When you want to use this PSD template free, there are some main tips that you have to follow. Let’s check the tips in detail!

  1. Match the theme

The first tip is matching the wedding program with the wedding theme.

  1. Amuse the guests

What should you do then? Please go for something that will amuse your guests. It can be from the background of the template.

  1. Create a draft

Here, you should make a list of the events of your wedding from the beginning.

  1. Customize the template

In this case, you can customize this customizable PSD template. It means that you may edit the design, add an image, and others.

wedding program example psd design

It is the reference to the wedding program template printable. It will be useful for you.

Wedding Program Template Sample

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