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5 Whys Template: Resolving the Root Cause of Problems Easily

Hi businessmen! Do you often find many problems in your business with your teammates? If so, you need to solve them immediately. If you do not do it, the problems may go bigger. In this matter, you can use the 5 whys template to help any problems you encounter. With this printable 5 whys template, your business will be prevented from encountering the problems you solve before with this PSD template free. So, just find a few samples of this template here and download them for free.

5 whys template free download psd

Benefits of Using 5 Whys Template

When you use this template free PSD, you will get some benefits. Here are 4 significant benefits of using it.

  1. Easier to ask and answer a certain question

First, you and your teams will get an easier way to ask and answer various questions. When you want to identify a certain problem, you certainly need certain related questions to solve them. It is useful to find the causes of those problems. Fortunately, this customizable PSD template provides some questions that will help see the root causes. Therefore, get this template every time you want to solve a problem in your business.

5 whys template free psd template

  1. Effectively identify a root problem cause

Second, this 5 whys template printable has special questions to identify a three-legged root cause of your business problem. Yes, the 3 questions are so good to support your teams to identify such root cause of the problem. The questions are such as, “Why the problem was not detected? How was the defect made? And why did the possibility of failure exist?”

5 whys template psd template free

  1. Surely prevent encountering your problems again

After a few related questions to your problems are answered, it will ensure that you and your teams are successfully resolving them. In this matter, when all problems have been resolved, it can certainly prevent your business teams from encountering the problems again.

  1. Easy to customize

With this customizable PSD design template, you can freely edit the content of it. You can dismiss a few questions which are not related to your problems. Also, you can modify several questions to fit the needs and conditions of your problem.

5 whys template template free psd

Tips to Use the Sample 5 Whys Template

When you have download a sample of this free PSD template and you are still confused about what to do, you can follow the tips below.

  1. Customize the template

First, of course, you need to customize this free template in PSD. You should do it to make the template suit your business needs.

  1. View and share the reports

When you and your teammates finish answering a 5 whys template, you should share all the reports. Thus, all your business members can see the information.

  1. Complete actions

After all of the reports are shared and viewed by all the business members, you can track the implementation of the solution. It can be a way to complete the actions to solve your business problem.

5 whys template example psd design

Yes, that is all about the 5 whys template sample to share with you. Whenever you need a sample of this template, just come to this page and choose the most suitable template for your business problem.